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Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Battle Report] Cowboys vs Indians vs Mexicans: A shootout in the west

This morning, the kids asked me "what will we do today?" So I said "MINIS GAME!"

I looked at my stash and quickly pulled out minis for three people: some Indians, some Mexicans and a few cowboys. Throw some terrain on the kitchen table. Throws some cattle and sheep (I know there weren't too many, but it works!)

The setup was simple: This quiet settlement was being raided at the same time by Mexican banditos and Indian braves. Just the kind of things where one can see a Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef.

The Setup

The kids set up the terrain. And we were off. I used a quick, simple system to keep the game rolling. I won't elaborate it, but the Action Man (4 years old) caught how to play very quick.

I set up at one edge, the Indians on the other one and the cowboys were in the center on one side.

The Cowboys (ActionMan)
    - 6 x carbine-armed cowboys

The Indians (Jocelyn)
    - 4x close-combat-armed braves
    - 1x musket-armed brave
    - 2x close-combat-armed mounted braves
    - 1x musket-armed mounted braves

The Mexicans (JP)
    - 5x musket-armed banditos
    - 1x pistol-armed bandito
    - 1x sword-armed capitan

The Action

The game opened with a few turns of maneuvering with the occasional shot taking out random fighters.

But finally, the action got up close and personal. And it was something out of a great Western scene, with fighters on all sides falling to bullets.

One very lucky turn, I took out 3 Indians and one cowboy, leaving my Mexican force mostly intact. I used the opportunity to gather some sheep!

Without any opposition to stop me, I ran off with as many of the animals I had come to steal! With so many animals in my possession, victory was almost assured! I ran from the pursuing cowboys. Taking my ill-gotten gains back across the Rio Grande!

Lucky dice rolls really gave me the upper hand. Both boys did well as they battle each other with murderous intent. In the end, I won because I was able to leave with more sheep.

Did you hear? !FIESTA EN MEXICO ESTA NOCHE! Everyone will eat well, in spite of the loss of José and Miguel.

The game was fun, fast-paced and especially quite brutal. Perhaps the Indians need some more fighters to compensate the lack of firearms. But the speed of the horses really helped him.

So this game really played how the great, cheesy, stereotype-filled Western movies go. It was a fun morning for three kids getting together to roll dice, fight over some cows and sheep, and talk smack to each other.

The last part was really important.


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