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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Art commission

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine (Dji) whom I hadn't really spoken with in a number of years. Though both of us had gone to College together, he was back in school, getting himself trained to become an artist. Knowing that, I asked him if he'd be willing to do some work for me.

He declined, but said he would put me in touch with someone who could work for me.

Thus I met Roxann-S. We got to talk about what I needed and what she would like to draw and one thing led to another... I asked her to draw a wizard loosely based on a picture of Charlize Theron with a bob-cut and curly hair.

She came back to me with the following:

I foresee a lot of work for Roxann in the future as I really like her style! What do you think?

The final version of "Charlize" (that's not the name of the character, and that's not her ) will make an appearance at Gencon in 94-LI-01 Best Served Cold! That's right, the Gencon special adventure! She is an NPC who appeared in two prior Legacies adventures! Now she is back for "Pain"!


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