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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mercenaries: Converted Talon "Number 3"

You remember the big Menoth lot? Well these are the last ones of the lot... Tired of painting Menoth, I decided to see what I could do with pieces of light warjacks. I became intrigued by the talon's description: an old chassis refitted and refurbished by mercenary warlords. So the idea came to me: what if they built talons out of parts from other jacks?

Makes perfect sense to me.

The again, I am an Ork Player, and any battlefield debris is only two hammer blows away from behind fully effective once again. WAAAGH!

Wait. Wrong game.

Or is it?

Back to the model: this revenger body was given a few Cygnar parts to create the mismatched look I was going for. The paint job had a bottom layer of blue or white (depending on the origin of the part). Then I did a camo-green overcoat to give it the typical mercenary color and gave them a few "Magnus" marks.

I guess I would like to play Magnus... Some day...


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