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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arcanicon Fallout: How to name my thing...

One of the great things about Arcanis is that the world does not have "+1 swords." Rather, items with magical properties have a name, and a legend attached to them. Thus, Excalibur's legend is linked to but also not limited to King Arthur's own.

As I posted on this blog, during the Vault of Larissa's Lament at Arcanicon, I emerged with a weapon of my goddess, a sidesword with some cool runes upon it.

I contacted Tony, the campaign man, about when can I get my cert. I can't wait to get it, you see. Then gloat and giggle over the awesomeness that is the sword...

But now I must think of a name. Not just a name, but a good one. Because I expect the sword to add to my legend, and I to its.

I have been thing about a number of names. Now Larissa is both a temptress (whore) and a diviner (oracle). So a number of names came to me, from the dirty (no, I won't put them here) to the more romantic like "Lover's Kiss", to the comedic "Pillow Talk", "Boob Slapper" or "Cunnibladus".

While funny, the novelty wears off. So I needed to come up with something quite interesting.

After a number of Google searches for something poetic, I think I will go for "Morning Glory". For some reason, it reminds me of something dirty, but it is also a beautiful star-patterned flower in shades of purple, pink, white or even brown. Yes... now you see how it can be... dirty.

In the 19th Century Language of Flower the morning glory was used to mean "impossible love due to an outside factor". I like that. Somehow fits the theme of the Vault where it was found.

I will be sending my response to Tony tonight "Morning Glory" it is!



  1. Hi JP, it's Hat. I played the dagger wielding Cadican Legionnaire at the table. I like "Morning Glory," good choice for a name. For mine I picked "Faith's Temper." Hopefully we'll see the certs sometime soon.

  2. Hey Hat! Great to hear from you... I can't wait to see what certs we will get for this in the end... I would really love to rank up to 9 after that marathon.
    You guys going to Origins? I will be looking for teammates there... ;)

    (And Kermina finds you cute) :p