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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Menoth caster Severius

Coming to the end of the Menoth mega-lot. Here is the Grand Scrutator Severius. The paint job was fairly simple. The body was dark blue with an over-layer of black to darken. I may have over-colored it and it now pretty much black.

The main highlight is the cloak, which I chose to paint in red with a flames motifs upon it. The flames really came out quite nicely. I used a wetter technique than on the warjacks, and it really pops. The contrast with the black robes really make it pop. So I left it as it.

The observant will notice the switch on the staff arm. That's because the model came to me with a broken and and the staff was nowhere to be found! I used a hand from a 40k Imperial Guardsman, a piece of a hoplite spear, a skeleton spear head and a random piece from my bitz box for the top. It was the closest I had to a religious icon, esp after I built my Sisters army so many years ago...


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