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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Legacies to allow Leadership feat: Input sought

For the past weeks I have been working on a number of things. One of the things I loved from other games was the use of the Leadership feat. I took the feat myself in Living Greyhawk and Living Arcanis to add extra spice or needed skills to the party.

I had previously thought about cohorts, way back in 2010 (in this post) and I re-read these thoughts as I was coming up with a set of rules could be beneficial for the players AND the GMs. Really, I wanted to make sure things would remained balanced, allowing for the best game experience.

So, with FOELegacies.Com launching, we will be posting more news. If you follow the Legacies/Review, you will find a link to the Cohort Guide. This guide is not final as we are asking for your insight about what we have. Let us know what you think before it becomes part of the campaign!


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