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Friday, November 1, 2013

Under the Influence: Reviewing 31 days of Influence

As every computer geek, I decided to put together a series of reports on the information I posted during October. Mostly I wanted to know three things for myself: Which countries were the most influential on me, What type of media was most influential and what years had the greatest influence.

A few trends appeared that I did not expect.


If you'd ask me what would be the medium that most influenced me for gaming, I would've answered "Books and Music", with those two far ahead of the pack.

Medium TypeNumber

But that is not the case. Books + Music total 12 while trips and people total 13! That the many trips I was lucky to make throughout my life have influenced me make a lot of sense. But they would not have been my first answer!

By Country

Here, the answer would've been Canada and France. And well... They are the top 2!


By Year

To make things simple here are the top 4 5-year block that were the most influential to me. The 1989-93 period is no surprise as it corresponds to my late teen years.

I am a little surprised to find the 79-83 period to rate that high - the same as the 1999-2003 period... I did not expect that.



October of 2013 was the biggest month ever on this blog for viewership. Literally, the number of views doubled my usual average. This tells me that there is a demand and an interest in these types of posts, so I will have to think of more series. That said I may to for "Top 10" rather than 31. That was quite an undertaking!

I really enjoyed focusing on a given topic for a while. It was fun and different.

So there might be more series coming to the blog in the future!


This whole exercise was fun. It forced me to think back on a number of things and figure out what made me the gamer I am today. I got to re-watch some animes I hadn't watched since the 80s - only to remind myself how great they were. Compared to the crap kids have today...

Funny how I sound like the cranky old man I am...

I also re-watched (or building myself up to re-watch) movies and shows on that list (thank you, Youtube). Song from the albums mentioned never left my playlist and a few of the books are on my re-read list. Similarly the people on the list are still in my Facebook and regurlar "people I keep in touch with" list.

I have been blessed by so many great people and influences in my life.


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