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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

GOSTOR: Skill Encounters released!

Dear fans and friends!

It is with great joy that just in time for Thanksgiving, that I announce the launch of the new series of products. GOSTOR: a Grumpy Old Schooler's Take On Rules. Thanks to my friends on Facebook for the name!

This first installment in this new series of products is "Skill Encounters" a light framework for more complex skill-based encounters. Those familiar with "Skill Challenges" in other games will find the basics to be known already. However, where skill challenges have a reputation for behind unwieldy and uninteresting, Skill Encounters focus on providing a fast, simple system aimed at rewarding creativity and engaging the whole party.

Check this new product out!

It was fun to design! And I can't wait to hear what people think!

As an added bonus, between now and December 3rd, the book will be available at the special introductory price of 2.49! Click here this special price! It is valid until December 3rd 2013.

I am looking for authors for a variety of products, just let me know!


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