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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two new Pathfinder Society Characters!!!

With the Christmas season approaching, I am beginning to look at the Xmas season... Not only for myself, but for friends as well. So I have finally completed two of them.

The Monster

The first of the minis is for me. It is an idea for a character that I've been toying with for the longest time but never got the minis. The perfect mini? The Limited edition Frankenstein's monster by Foundry! I gave away the copy I had years ago to my good friend Florent. Well after years of going through Ebay, I managed to get another copy for myself. Now all I need is to add some stats and gaming opportunities to play him...

The paint job is fairly simple. I used my typical skin tones before using a sickly green color (pallid flesh)

The Phoenix

This one is for a friend. As he could not provide me with a clear idea about what his character was like. I think the original mini was a Phoenix-Clan model from AEG's Clan War. So that's why I chose to paint him in that clan's colors: red/orange/yellow with a few gold highlights. I can see this guy as a samurai, as a ninja or as someone with th

This little-loved range has some great minis that I really like to paint. They are full of character and paint up really nice, they remind of Crocodile Games' ranges.


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