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Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview with Venus De Coy about Kronea, Part 2

This is the second part of my interview with Venus. You can catch up with the rest of the interview by reading Part 1.

Let's get back to it...

JP: What other product can we expect to see for Kronea in the near future?


No seriously, we do have some awesome things coming up:

In September, we are going to begin production on our next two source books coming out in Jan/Feb 2014, "Orsi: The Realm of Magic" and Saraset: "The Noble State of Faith". Also, we will be finalizing production on some adventures that will also be coming out in Jan/Feb: "The Vaults of Grand Saraset" and "A Night To Remember". You may have heard of these projects if you follow our company regularly, and we have been tabling them, as the campaign setting took precedence. Now with some proper foundations being laid, we can proceed again with more adventure developing!

In September, we also begin production on our first ever Adventure Path: The Dragons Amongst Us. Unlike Paizo and other publishers which has two AP's in one year, this AP will be released over the next year, with a book releasing every two months instead of monthly. We want to take our time and build a story our fans are going love, and so this project is one of our ongoing ones that we look forward to developing and sharing with you.

In October, we are releasing "Revolutionary Extraction" which is a political intrigue adventure that has been chilling in our vaults in my office. I have been channeling my inner Shadowrun for this adventure, so I look forward to sharing it finally. We also plan on updating and re-designing our Campaign Setting: Kronea, The Island of Possibilities which is going to be re-launched in October. Those of you whom have already bought it, will receive the upgrade! Those of you whom have not yet, might want to before we raise the price!!

Our big final project for the year is "Gods and Guilds" which will be launching in November in time for Christmas. It wil also be our first "Print-On-Demand" product which I am excited to finally be moving into. Gods and Guilds, is sort of my tribute to "Cults of Glorantha" which is from the RuneQuest RPG System. The book, was a Christmas gift from Will Johnson who is also (unofficially) part of my "Evil Wizards Team". The RPG source book, inspired me to write Gods and Guilds long before I even wrote Kronea! I am a huge fan of mythology, deities and the philosophies that ties them so it's been one of those serious labor of love projects of mine. But I wanted to do it right, so I am channeling my inner "Paizo Publishing Goodness" on the design and look of the book, which is what is taking so darn long.

In December.. I will be sleeping in. No seriously, that's my personal hibernation month as there are no conventions to plan or organize, and by then, I will have already sent out the 2014 Assignments to my writers and "Evil Wizards".

JP: I worked on the religions - something close to my heart. Can you share some insight as to the Kronean Pantheon?

VDC There are 13 main well-known and worshiped deities in the Kronean Pantheon. Being a Greek Goddess in name, I liked the Greek format of the deities all being housed in one place and having a hierarchy of their own. All 13 will be featured in Gods and Guilds. The original Pantheon was actually 30 deities, but the ones that didn't make the original cut, I will do something else with them in 2014

JP: Tell us about the secret societies?

VDC There are 10 guilds or “secret societies” that are in Kronea. Because they are a secret, that’s all you are getting about them, as you will have to buy Gods and Guilds when it comes out. ;)

JP: Are there any memorable NPCs?

VDC There is a bunch of memorable NPC’s that are coming to the Kronea Campaign Setting. But not to give it all away, keep your eyes out for the following names: Xenos Manchester, Violet Alesca, Meriheather Sampook, James, The Duke of Saraset and Princess Nerissa of Orsi.

JP: Can we expect Kronea-based adventures at some of the larger cons in the coming future?

VDC YES. Oh by goodness YES.

So, here on the West Coast, we have some amazing conventions! My thing, is that I want to show love to big conventions and little ones as well. So my convention tour next year will showcase a lot of works either completed or in progress depending on what the convention is looking for.

Also, with an amazing team of writers who want to show off their work, they are going to take their work to their local conventions as well. So I have a feeling, I’ll be in need to create a “prize support” form of my own in the near future. Concerning like mega conventions, I do have plans to showcase at PaizoCon next year. As for GenCon, I am not foreseeing myself going out there unless somehow $2,000 magically appeared in my bank account for a trip. (Even then, I would spend it on buying a new computer for the company.) But if any writers go and run company games there, be assured, I plan on sending Prize Support their way.

Also, we may or may not be doing a Free RPG Day book next year. Because hey, I am a huge fan of it, so it fits that Kronea will be a part of it!

JP: Going forward, do you see yourself handling a meta-plot, moving time forward in the setting?

VDC I don’t know about a Meta-Plot outside of our Adventure Paths, ask me again in a year. :D

Concerning an Organized Play program, I don’t know about that either. The thing with Organized Play, is that right now, D&D LFR/Encounters and Pathfinder Society are just eating the market share up. It’s hard for me to justify a full-fledged OP program at this bit in time. If I were to do anything like it, I would create some “pickup scenarios” which would be similar to PFS Scenarios where a players can have a set of pregens, and run a short game within 4-6 hours. This would allow players an in to the campaign setting on an easy and fun format.

JP: Now that you have gone through the process, do you have any advice to give the many aspiring writers out there?

VDC As a writer/publisher, I have learned a lot. But these three things are the most important I've learned:
- Stop talking about writing and write already. You have a deadline to make!
- Constantly communicate with your point of contact for your projects. I hate dead air, so does many bosses. Share with us what is going on, and we can work with you. Don’t communicate with us, then don’t get mad if we come back with a whole list of edits. Or worse, don’t pay you.
- Don’t take things personally. And if you have a habit of doing that, don’t fight back unless you have serious grounds to. Many times, publishers do not want to hear you cry and moan about something being cut back or needing to be changed. You have to understand, that we have to have a different view about your writing in order to sell the product. We wouldn’t hire you, if we didn’t like your work, so don’t get all hurt if we ask for a re-do, edit, or tell you we are cutting some stuff out. You are welcome to ask why and how to improve, but after that let it go. Be grateful, there are many writers out there that want your spot and we will give it to them if you are going to always fight with us. I have seen others do it with terrible consequences, and I did it when I started out as a writer which caused a perma-no work from a company that I love, despite having a great personal relationship with their owners. Trust me, it’s a lesson I will never forget.

JP: Are you looking for writers?

VDC I am a publisher. I am always looking for writers. :D

More specifically, I am looking now for a new Rules/Story Editor. Preferably both in one shell would be nice. I need someone who can make sure that Pathfinder Mechanics are being followed correctly so I don’t have to make pages of errata sheets, but at the same time, they have to be into what I like to call “fluff editing”. Where they will primarily be making sure we keep campaign setting continuity and be the one who cracks the whips on my writers and even my Evil Wizard team if they are acting up.

Writers-wise, I am looking for adventure writers on a full time basis. I have a note book full of ideas for adventures, but could use some adventure writers to help make them awesome realities. Concerning building our campaign setting, I am good right now in this department with my team of you, Brian Darnell, Erik Evjen, Nicholas Milasich and Ryan Costello Jr. But I am open to any other writers who can contribute to the Kronean Canon as well.

I also, starting in 2014, would like to work with more female writers. Being a lady gamer/writer/publisher I can understand the many obstacles women have in male-dominated community. While I am not sitting here proclaiming any position on the women writers vs. gaming industry topic, I do know that women have huge roles to play in not only the growth in Pathfinder, but for the growth in all RPG's in general. I want to where I can assist in that growth for women.

JP: Do you plan on including material from other third-party publishers in future publications?

VDC I would love to include more 3rd Party Materials. I am a huge fan of Raging Swan Press, Kobold Press, Frog God Games, and Jon Brazer Enterprizes. Neo-Exodus is also a favorite of mine, but I am not sure yet how to incorporate their world and works into Kronea just yet, but I do plan on spending more time this fall/winter researching and finding a way. I also would love to tap into Fire Mountain Games and their "Evil Campaign" for Kronea to stop being such a Neutral Good aligned writer and campaign setting.

JP: Why did you wait after Gencon to release Kronea?

VDC Because quite frankly, I move to the beat of my own drum. I run my company on my own terms. Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking GenCon, PaizoCon, or any other big trade show. But I have a full-time life outside of Pathfinder and that always takes precedence. Many of my writing/development team is in the same boat as well. I have teachers, photographers, accountants, IT specialists, social workers, and graphic design artists on my team and in my creative circle. I respect their time, just as much as they do my own. In the past, when I rush products and publications, I paid the price for them in bad reviews and bad sales. But if I take my time, and not get all "rushed" to be at a trade-show event, the quality is far better and customers deserve a good quality product.

Does that mean that one day I don't want to be at PaizoCon or GenCon? HECK NO! I totally want to go and be where all the action is. But for now, I want to focus on having great original products and that is my #1 Mission right now.

JP: If someone wants to know more, do you have any on-line resources for them?

VDC I have our main website and Facebook. You can purchase the book at on Monday! We also plan on opening up a Wiki for Kronea, for those who are looking to better get into the campaign setting and as an online quick reference. But that's something I have to talk to our tech team about sometime soon..

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