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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NeoExodus Legacies announces the Exodite Program!

With NeoExodus growing, we cannot shoulder the work of doing everything by ourselves. We need help. More specifically, we need YOUR help. While I was still based in Denver, it was easy for me to put this off and just keep going. With my moving away, something has to be done.

For a while I thought about coming up with some funky names, but the one that kept coming back was how I’d like to have an “Exodite” program. Exodites are some of the First Ones in NeoExodus. They are the most numerous of the First Ones, have jet-black skin upon which they tattoo magically glowing runes. They are single minded and focused on their goal and task.

What we are looking for are people who share our love of NeoExodus and who want to bring the campaign to their communities. I have already contacted a few people, but want to put this out there for everyone!


The most important is to love NeoExodus and NeoExodus Legacies, and to want to share that passion with others.

We ask that Exodites do the following:
- Talk about NeoExodus and NeoExodus Legacies to players, store-owners and every one in their community.
- Run or organize at least one monthly NeoExodus Legacies event within their community. More is always appreciated – of course! - Volunteer at local con offering NeoExodus Legacies adventure to increase exposure to the setting and campaign.


Exodite will receive the following in perks:
- Every NeoExodus Legacies adventures for free to help them in their job.
- Exodites will be consulted and their feedback sought when expanding the storyline. They will be invited to a secret group where such things can and will be discussed.
- Exodites who so wish it may sanction local special interactive events.
- Exodites who wish it will be given preferential dues to write regular adventures.

I know there is a desire in the Community to play an organized play campaign where their actions are meaningful. NeoExodus Legacies offers a great way to play the game we all love and gives players a chance to alter the world in a clear and direct fashion.

Think you are up to such a challenge? Contact us

Know of someone who might be interested? Send them a link to this post!


  1. I'm interested in hosting an Exodite at AnonyCon, December 6-8 in Stamford, CT.

    Anyone in the area who might be able to come run games?

    1. Not right now, but I would be very interested in seeing if we could send someone your way... I'll keep in touch.
      Do you have a budget for guests? I'll see if I can make it myself...