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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tacticon in Denver: Love, Regrets and Legacies

This Thursday I am flying to Denver for Tacticon. I have attended every Tacticon since I arrived in Colorado back in '05. The smallest of the two gaming con, I have a soft spot for it.

It was the last convention I did as a triad for Living Greyhawk and a writing director for Living Forgotten Realms. It would've been my last one as a Venture Captain...

But it was also the first one where we had a number of NeoExodus Legacies adventures last year... Also I brought my daughter there when she was 6. She has been into cons ever since. She still needs to train as a gamerbut I am working on it.
This year I will get to play a number of Arcanis and maybe a pulp. I really need to play Pulp... which reminds me I should ask James S if they will run any special event. I really hope it won't be at the same time as the NeoExodus Interactive on Friday night.

Speaking of that I finally completed the adventures and the LRs for it. I know I talked about it to some people and there were requests for it. Therefore I can now announce that "Never again my Love" will have one item per table that will never again be available to other players. Though the adventure can be re-run later, these items will not be given out again.
As usual I am both anxious and nervous about the new offerings.

93-LC-01 In sickness and in health is the first Legacies set fully in the Reis Confederacy. I think it showcases some of the unique aspects of this really unique region.

"But JP didn't you set the Free RPG Day adventure in the Confederacy?" Yes. But most of the adventure is set in the Wood of Lost Souls.

This adventure got me researching the plantations of South America under the Spanish regime. It was both chilling and entertaining. Definitely not a place I would like to have lived in. And that's one of the things I like about writing for a setting like NeoExodus: the sheer variety of things I have to read about and learn.

93-LC-02 Silver lining is a direct sequel of the interactive we ran at Genghis Con this year. That adventure called Opening Moves told the story of the debacle of a Crusade launched by the Caneus Empire. Now two nobles want to get revenge for what happened then.

As usual It is not necessary to have played Opening Moves to enjoy this adventure. Personally I really like writing something that was directly influenced by what players had done. And like most adventure with the Janus Horde really resonate with me. They are often in a strange limbo until everything comes together suddenly. It's an odd experience they are just a gathering of random encounters that form into something new and unique. I really love the Janus Horde as villains. They are so simple yet so complex at the same time.

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