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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Going to my first Writer's Meetup

Since I moved to Louisville, I have been trying to get into some new things. Although many have recommended grillin' roadkill and other redneck activities, I leaned another way.

Tonight, I went to my first ever writers' meeting. I brought with me the first chapter of a story set in NeoExodus. The story is yet unnamed but it features a small band of adventurers. The initial protagonist is a kalisan warrior dedicated to the destruction of the Janus Horde.

The guys have provided me with some great feedback for the story. They critiqued it and provided me with precise feedback and some does and don't of fantasy writing. Now I'm in a bind cuz I have to re-write most of it. But it will be MUCH better. I think this is the first time I was ever extremely excited about a major rewrite! This is going to be fun. I've had great feedback - for my own tale and from the feedback given to others.

As is consistent with the rest of my work, I tried to steer clear of the game-mechanics so it wasn't a round-by-round description of the fight. That said, the greatest downfall of my offering was they called "data download" which was I really did. I also have to work more on my combat descriptions. I think those comments will really make the story flow better and more naturally.

Also I got a few tips and some direct feedback about my "superman" character... Yeah she should not be that way but I see how she can appear like that...

Didn't I tell you, I got some great advice?

So in short, I have to reword everything. That's fine, the story has potential it's how I present it. I can honestly say I got out of this one meeting more than I expected and I am really stoked about going back. Really, people I never met before provided me with clear, concise and direct feedback. I did say I wanted to write more fiction. Well joining the group is one step towards accomplishing my goal.

I discovered The Vault: Louisville Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers Group through the magic of meetup. A great site if I ever knew one. I also got to play a lot through the Colorado Springs RPG Meetup, which I strongly recommend to anyone in either of these areas.


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