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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interview with Standard Action's Joanna Gaskell about their Kickstarter

I first came into contact with the team from "Standard Action" as I was web browsing - instead of doing something else I should've been doing. However, I really got to know them in person at PaizoCon 2012. Rob and I were spies and assassins who killed a PC. Yes you can say "JP, this doesn't change much from your every day". I got to do it dressed as a Pirate! That's different! Great fun.

Then last week, Big Kyle (the Seattle Venture Captain) contacts me about this Kickstarter. I immediately said I would be willing to help out (not just for him, but because these guys are really good and they make me laugh).

So I immediately send the team a number of questions. Joanna Gaskell was kind enough to answer my many questions in an exchange I am copying here. There are a couple of nice surprise in here they only hint at in their Kickstarter. But I figure the more information the better. It's the same thing I do with LPJ, where I try to post information here that is not on the KS!

JP: Tell us about "Standard Action"?

JG: Standard Action is the fantasy-comedy webseries for geeks of all kinds! It's the story of four misfit adventurers who find each other and set out on a quest that will test not only their fellowship, but everyone's perceptions of what a hero should be. Think Lord of the Rings meets Hercules: Legendary Journeys, or D&D meets Discworld. It's silly and heartwarming with a touch of self-awareness, and it's chock full of references to all of your favourite nerdities, from Star Trek to Firefly to WoW to Doctor Who to The Princess Bride.

JP: Why do a Kickstarter for season 3?

JG: Making a good-quality webseries takes a bit of cash. We completely self-funded Season 1, and Season 2 was partially fan-funded. For Season 3 we'd really like to aim high enough to not have to put a substantial amount of our own money into the project. It is certainly a labour of love, but Standard Action has grown to a point where I think our audience will support us to make more. Kickstarter is fantastic, because it allows us to give back with great perks, and cuts out the middleman. If the fans want to see more, they can be confident that their money is coming pretty much straight to us to make that happen.

JP: Are there any celebrities involved in the project?

JG: For Season 2 we welcomed Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect video games, as well as Brain Lewis, one of the stars of the Gamers movies, to our set. We're following up on some pretty cool leads for bringing interesting nerd celebrities for Season 3, but I can't leak anything about that just yet. Soon, I hope. ;)

JP: I've been involved in a few with LPJ Design and Dreamscarred Press along with backing a number of others. One of the things I get from traditional RPGs is a pdf of a product. But what do you get for a webcast? What will your backers get for backing you?

JG: We have some great perks lined up for our supporters of Season 3 - you can get DVDs, PDFs of character sheets and other gaming supplements based on the show, a copy of our Standard Action card game, limited edition copies of our upcoming Standard Action comic... you can even put yourself IN the card game or the comic, or get yourself in our show for Season 3!

JP: Can you sneak-peek a few possible stretch goals?

JG: For sure! We have some pretty cool stretch goals that could open up, like more episodes in the season, original music from the show, and even some full Standard Action gaming modules. There even might be a musical episode stretch goal in there, if you ever wanted to see Fernando the Bard truly strut his stuff! :)

JP: Any links for people to learn more about you?

JG: Our Standard Action website is at, you can find us on Facebook at, and we're on Twitter at @stndrdaction. And, of course, our Season 3 Kickstarter is on Kickstarter itself.
You can find out more about me specifically at, or follow me on Twitter at @mightyjoanna.

JP: When can we expect the season to start - assuming it gets funded?

JG: I have a feeling we'll be filming by summer, so likely you will start to see new content by the end of the year! If we completely blow our funding goal out of the water, we may be able to get going even sooner!

JP: That's pretty cool! Thanks Joanna!

A big thanks to Joanna, Big Kyle and the Standard Action team for allowing me some insight into their project before it went live!

Big Kyle also let me know that their Season 1 DVD is available at

Check them out if you can!


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