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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tales from the auction: Khador Warjacks

In that same auction from last year, I bought myself a number of Khador Warjacks. Other ones, I traded for - with a fellow auction goer. During the auction seeing we were constantly bidding on the same lots, we decided to split the lots and trade afterwards. He was looking for anything and I wanted jack - a lot of jacks. Unsurprisingly, I managed to get the many jacks I wanted and he ended up with a bunch of infantry I didn't care for. So with both Josh and I having what we wanted, I slowly began to expand my army of Khador jacks.

Again, I used a basic color scheme of silver and red for these guys. I also gave these guys "names" based on Communist countries... Although the decimator didn't. You will see why in a few days... He does have two added flags on its body. You know my weakness for banners and flags!

Banners and flags are like cowbells: you always need more.


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