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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mercenaries: Rhulic Military Expansion!!!

The dwarves of Rhul are my first love in Warmachine. Though I have gone off playing a lot of Legion of Everblight, the stout dwarves are still my go-to people when I want to give a tough game. They have a lot of heavy-hitting guns and great jack. When the Colossal book was announced and that a Mercenary Colossal was coming out and that us stunties were getting a new caster. Then I realized were only got a new caster. Our Colossals were gonna stay at home.


General Ossrun is okay... As usual, I've yet to play him... The model is fine.

I numbered the Blasters V and VI, to continue the numbering of my gunners (I-IV). Same color scheme for a more unified look. I'm not sure how I feel about their short range firepower just yet so I'll have to try them out in a game.

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