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Monday, April 1, 2013

Tales from the auction: Two Warlocks

This long coming tale dates back to last January... I purchased a number of Circle Oroboros warlocks and after slowly painting them.

Okay I admit, I started them then I simply abandoned them, partially done on my table.

Why? Because I had little interest in actually finishing them. But I suddenly felt like I should finish them, so I move them from the "on hold" pile to the "paint me now pile". After over a year, I completed them.

The basic color scheme was very simple and "nature-y". I painted them to go with the rest of my Circle models. A base of dark green with gold highlights and basic green color for the coats. Not very original, but I really like Privateer's color scheme. I use bone on the sword instead of metal.

As a side twist, I decided to give them a dark skin tone. I think it gives them an air of uniqueness.


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