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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where to play NeoExodus?

For the past week, my inbox has been abuzz with emails of penile enhancements among which a number of convention organizers and con-goers have been asking me where they could play and how to get their hands on NeoExodus Adventures. While NeoExodus Legacies (the name of our organized play campaign) is still a while away, we will be sending adventures to con-organizers - and doing some GMing of our own...

Here are a few places where NeoExodus play will be available in the coming months.

Aug 30-Sept 2, Tacticon, Denver, Colorado

I will be running 5 slots of NeoExodus and have a second GM run two slots of "Undying Legacy of the First Ones" Sunday. I am looking forward to premiering the first of two new adventures "Bloody Ice" and "Shattered Peace".

Aug 31-Sept 3, DragonCon, Atlanta, Georgia

You will have to be VERY quick to get into one of our slots... Here is an image I just took from their site. Jonathan who has been working with us on a few projects (including the magical weapons subscription) will be running "Encounter at Ramat Bridge" at DragonCon.

Sep 21-23, SoCal Smackdown, Anaheim, California

I will be traveling to Anaheim for my first-ever stay in the Los Angeles area to play and run NeoExodus. I will be running 3 different adventures: "A1 Encounter at Ramat Bridge", "A4 Slavers of the Dominion" and "Undying Legacy of the First Ones".

Socal Smackdown Warhorn site

Sept 28-Oct 1, Risen Rune, Sydney, Australia

I was contacted with requests to offer NeoExodus at Risen Rune. I must have died and gone to heaven! I will be sending them a number of adventures. If you will be there and have any requests... Likely A1 though A4.

Feb 2013, Genghis Con, Denver, Colorado

It is almost certain that I'll be at Genghis running a series of NeoExodus adventures there. Information and details are sketchy at this time.


There are a few others but nothing that is tangible or that I can announce right now. You can be certain that I'll let everyone know.


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