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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Stretch for Kickstarter and Monster Contest

For a month or so now, I have been watching closely the Obsidian Apocalypse numbers go up ever so slowly... Raging that LPJ did not want me on the project. Still I kept feeding LPJ ideas for the project. If you are looking for ways to turn your favorite campaign world upside down, whether it be one you created yourself OR one that's already published, such as NeoExodus, Golarion, Shadowfell, or even a 3.5/4e transpose, Obsidian Apocalypse will be full of evil things to make your PCs' lives miserable. There are about 6 days left as the time I write this. Hop on, this is gonna happen!

There is also a monster-writing contest going on for Obsidian Apocalypse! I sent in a few monsters myself, but now that I'm part of the project myself, I will ask LPJ to retract my offering as part of the contest. Still I came up with a few ideas I will be using in upcoming NeoExodus products. I mean I'm still the "Creative Director" for NeoExodus, and I must feed my "baby".

The charming fellows on the right (--->) are something that really got my interest and what I felt was missing in Pathfinder. So I sat down and tackled the problem. I can't wait for the poor players to be the happless targets of my shambling hordes...

Check both out! You are almost out of time!

The Kickstarter : Link

The Monster Contest: Link


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