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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Final Two MS Fundraiser Commissions

Finally! I got them done! I have been making quips at both John and Matt about them not letting me know about the mini they wanted. But both finally let me know.

Starting with Matt, he wanted a warrior of Cheliax clad in red with heraldry and a symbol of Asmodeus. Looking through many minis, I found a picture of a 14th century knight and sent it to him as a rough concept. He liked it and so painting begun. At first, I did not have the shield. And as I looked as the almost finished mini, I felt like it needed something bold, something big to go with the model. So the old-style chaos warrior shield made its appearance! The pose makes it look like the knight is leaning on the shield and I thought it gave the model a different pose and I liked it.

The second mini was for my long-time friend John F. If you know John, you know he is a human-dwarf. He is the living embodiment of Dwarfdom. Especially classic dwarf paladin. That's right... So I was not surprised when John handed me a dwarf mini! He said he wanted a back beard, which he got (its actually 3 layers of browns drowned in black for a multi-layered black, but you have to be close to see it).

The shield was added by me and has a pin in the center. The mini has little that is not: armor, beard, fur or scale cloak, the shield allowed me some painting space. Not-quite-so-funny story, but I did managed to drill my right middle finger while putting the pin in... Yup... It healed since, but the memory of drilling remain. I painted the symbol of Torag (dwarf father and John's deity) on the shield.

John is also known as a strong defender of the slaying of the helpless and that mercy is not due to anyone who opposes him... Oh! I mean John is a dedicated Andoran player in PFS! The blue/white scheme comes from there. The field of the shield is also inspired by Andoran.

The scalemail cloak, I had originally intended to drybrush with some silver/metallic but after the magic dip, the cloak was just super-shiny. I chose not to mess with it. It makes it look a lot more like a dragon scale cloak. With the white winter-wolf fur on top, the contrast was there.

It was fun to paint a dwarf in something other than simple armor and beard.


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