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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tacticon Denver: JP To GMs


0- Get the Module(s) (if you don't have them now go to or contact me privately).

1- Print the module(s)

2- Print the handout & faction missions (2 copies/ table)

3- Print the chronicles (6/ table)

Be Ready: Read the adventure, make sure you understand what the faction missions are and what the PCs are supposed to do during the adventure. Prepare ahead of time, don't wait for until 5 minutes before the game to prepare. Read it away from others in a peaceful places

Sleep: During the con, I ask that you try to sleep well. Be rested in the morning. Do not agree to run or play in midnight madness slots. Sleep, be rested, drink coffee. Don't show up with 2h of sleep after the 1999 year end party.

Run the adventure in the time slot you have: Some adventures (the intros) can run EXTREMELY fast (so I am told). Use the added time to explain the campaign. Do not zip through all three in two rounds of play. I will personally strangle you while chewing on your pancreas. Take the full slot - or as much of is as possible. Expand the roleplaying encounters and force the PCs to play them out. It's not all about the combats (resisting urge to talk about "another" campaign).

When in doubt a +2 to every roll: I'm not kidding. There is nothing worse than running something that's not challenging. Don't focus on the thug fights, but the boss fights should be cool and entertaining. When in doubt add 2 or more monsters. As long as people have fun and feel challenged, I'm good with that.

NO TPK OF NEWBIES: Really. I am not kidding, if you have to cheat, re-roll, hit the table, dance, tell the players to look away, I DO NOT CARE! DO NOT DO IT. Get a GM screen. Hurt them, pummel them, beat them up, kick them in the nut. Twice. BUT DO NOT TPK THE TABLE. Unless *they* to something obviously stupid in spite of your repeated warnings.

Focus on the adventure, not the rules: It is more important that you know what the PCs are supposed to do than how they have to do it.

Work with the players: Creative solutions SHOULD be rewarded and encouraged. Sometimes it doesn't work, but do not discourage them from trying. Use your GM savvy.

Be fair, not nice: It's up to the players to think of their faction missions and what they are suppose to do. Do not spoon feed them (but don't screw them over either). Be fair. Do not be nice. Kick them in the groin while they are down, but don't take the killing blow.

Paperwork: Make sure it is filled correctly on the PC's chronicle sheet AND that ALL PFS numbers are readable. I will not guess numbers and those who fill invalid information won't see their game reporter. The DGA also ask for GM scoring sheet (those will be passed out for every slot). Make sure those are passed around and filled properly. I will personally cancel out ANY score below 5 without a comment.

If you have issues, come and get me. I am there to help if there is a situation. Whether the PCs go completely off-track, you wonder how to rule on something, have issue with a player, think Scott should be flogged, whatever. I will be there.

If I am running something/ busy/ away and Scott is available, he can help you too (he is my right-hand man).

I wrote a blog post that could be of use to you.

I will provide the level 1 pregens and the table trackers (though if you want to bring some, I won't say no).

If you need anything *BEFORE* the con, aks me.

Thanks for volunteering, its very appreciated. I look forward to having a con that will blow ALL other campaigns out of the water by size and awesomeness!