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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going to Fandemonium in Boise, Idaho

Everyone is talking about GenCon and talking about their trip east (from here you’re going east).

But I’m not going. My finances allowed me only to go to PaizoCon. Plus I’d have to staff for too long and feel I’d miss out on too many things. In short, I’m full of excuses why I can’t or don’t want to go.

There is one thing I cannot call an excuse, it’s something I am extremely excited to do this year: I’ve been invited by the Boise Pathfinders to go there and run adventures for them at Fandemonium.

It all started some six months ago when I received this email from a guy named “CA”. He was asking a couple of VCs “in his area” (I’m 16 hour’s drive away) about helping him with setting up some PFS in Boise and about setting up Fandemonium. All the other VCs were all Gencon-bound except me (see the excuses above). So we started talking and I share some of the things and tips I’d learned setting up events and the like. He was a really cool guy and after a few email we decided to meet in PaizoCon, since both of were going.

At PaizoCon, Clarence and I really hit it off. If you look at the line movie for PaizoCon that Jason Buhlman did, he flashes right at the start of the movie. Throughout the con we talked and enjoyed a late night dinner at the Dennys across the parking lot. There we talked some more… our characters, why we like Pathfinder, got to know each other a little more. Great guy.

After PaizoCon, I found some issue with my mortgage and had to correct it. This, of course, killed any hope I had to pay for a trip to Boise. I told Clarence about it (after trying to find another way). Then her said something along the lines of "Don’t worry, I’ll get you here". So I will get there. I talked to my wife who agreed (gotta love her).

So on Thursday I’m off to Boise to run some NeoExodus and Pathfinder Society for the guys there. I am very excited. It’s always fun to be part of something that’s starting. I’ll post more details about my trip to Fandemonium later.

Oh... if you're in the area, come say hi!


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