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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rocky Mountain Pathfinders to get their logo!

I have been thinking for a while about coming up with a logo for the Denver Lodge for Pathfinder Society. It was a project I had put in the “one day maybe” category. Then earlier this week, I received an email from Stephen White (my Australian Venture Captain counterpart), with some publicity for PaizoCon Oz with a goblin draped in a koala bear suit.

WOW I thought. That is awesome! I immediately thought about the goblin wrapped in a dragon suit (right)… A favorite of mine… I began to think what I would like to do for the RMPathfinders. After debating with myself for a while, I finally decided to turn the problem on its head.

What if, instead of doing it all myself, I were to ask the guys themselves, see what our communal heads could come up with.

So I posted the topic up for discussion.

There were some good ideas and some… well less usable but no less humorous, as is frequently the case with any such discussion on the RMPathfinder yahoogroup.

A few suggestions included: fiendish dire moth, Coyotes, Jackalope, cougars (no, not you Courtney Cox), bighorn sheep and the jabberwock. After many emails, I decided on the final design. One that I think is very cool.

A Colorado-themed chimera.


Using animals that are very Coloradoans, create a chimera! It would have a head of a mountain lion (pumas are quite common here), the head of a big horn sheep (Colorado’s state animal). The dragon head proved to be more problematic, but the group also came up with a solution… With Colorado’s history of mining, someone suggested the gold dragon, which I really liked. The idea of the western diamondback came up and here we went.

So the Denver Lodge’s symbol will be the chimera. I think it’s fitting and representative. Now to get us a goblin dressed as a chimera!


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