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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katharan al-Zawree al-Pasha, Retired Pathfinder

For almost two full years now, Katharan al-Zawree, founder of the world-famous al-Zawree oil (great for frying) has reached the venerable level of 12. In short, she is nearly fully retired from the Pathfinder Society campaign.


Katharan was a character I built on a table corner that day in September at Enchanted Grounds. The choice of Qadira for her origin was mostly out of convenience: create a money-grabbing spoiled princess. Although she was similar in abilities to another one of my characters (Living Arcanis’ Lady Kermina val’Borda), she turned out quite different for Katharan was only motivated by her own private pursuits and projects.

For those who played with Katharan she was a unique character: never wanting to do anything herself, never paying attention, always in a hurry, but with impeccable grooming habits. Here are a few highlights of her adventuring career.

- She sold another PC into slavery in return for a carpet.

- She purchased a loyal slave in return for a masterwork longspear (she found it too heavy).

- Never wore more than a belly dancer’s outfit.

- After being turned to stone by a medusa, Katharan fled the next time she saw one.

- She once commanded a vampire to let her command another dominated PC.

- Noted “Do not go back there” after a trip to the Mana Wastes.

- Found the Mwangi tribes men nice and hot-looking.

- Cast four teleport spells to travel to Absalom and accomplish a faction mission (spending 1 PA in the process).

- Convinced herself that Naadhira was trying to kill her.

- Plots to kill Naadhira.

Katharan, I shall miss you. You are now waiting for a module (Academy of Secrets in September) to return to our lives and then run the 4-module retirement arc. Looking forward to that… Maybe one day you will return as an actual character in a story… that would be awesome!javascript:void(0)

It is with a sad heart that I retire you, dearest Katharan... Heavy heart indeed...

Her final character sheet is here.


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