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Friday, July 8, 2011

What have I been doing: July 2011

With PaizoCon behind us, I was supposed to have a lot of time ahead of me. Time to sit back, relax and watch the fuzz grow on my belly. It was to be a time to relax and a time to take things slow.

What an idiot!

So this summer I have gone on a gaming binge with games every day or at least every other day. Add to that a number of painting commissions. Add NeoExodus material to write or edit. Good times really, but it's been a crazy month. The weird thing is, I am beginning to think that when the kids come back in two weeks, my life will calm down! Very odd.

So what have I been working on this past week?

First off, Minis Commissions, for Jeff K, for Jeff P, for Steven, for John F, in short, a lot of them. Which is good. I do spend a lot of time on that, but it takes me away from the computer (a good thing). I like the result (but still have at least as many to do as I've done up to now...)

Next I finally finished my NHL season on PS2 and my playoffs are going nicely. Okay this has nothing to do with table top gaming, but I spend a lot of time doing that... The Stanley Cup is returning to Montreal (where it should be)! Go! Habs! Go!

NeoExodus writing. I wrote a number of elements, including the Annihilation Sphere background (as well as going over the stat block with Louis). I have completed Widowmaker Scarlet... Now that is an interesting character... First off, in Louis' words we managed to write a whole book without saying what the villain is. I know it sounds crazy but it actually works. Presented is a history, then theories about her origin and power, which range from anything to everything: caster, goddess, undead, intelligent weapon, or demon. Finally three stat blocks (all very different) present one version of Widowmaker Scarlet at CR15/18/20.

Still on the plate is the redo and expansion of many old NeoExodus Modules. While the basic plot for most of these adventures is pretty much intact, they have been given a "NeoExodus Treatment". Where they are no longer generic adventure, they now have a NeoExodus introduction and feature a lot more NeoExodus creatures. I like the result.

These previous mostly unrelated adventures will now begin and expand the story of NeoExodus. What I keep calling the "Mythos" of NeoExodus.

AND on top of that, I have been working on the NeoExodus campaign setting (I've been working on it for quite a few months now actually). But we've been adding and adding material to it as we worked on adventures and other source books. Still what we have right now is a solid 100+ pages book that includes pretty much everything a GM needs to start playing NeoExodus. This includes a detailed history of the world, a gazetteer with information found in each of the regions. Adventure ideas and locations are given for each region. The races of NeoExodus was put into this book with the addition of a new race, the Gevet (think Tiefling but with flavor and a goal in life). About a 100 feats (mostly racial-specific), equipment, new magic items, new tomes, new monsters. A LOT of things can be found in there. I think this will be an awesome product. We (okay Louis) have been looking at getting those printed. That would be awesome!

With Louis' taste and ability in design and formatting and my writing, I really think we'll have a winner here. Looking forward to walking into local game stores and watching NeoExodus product... that would be SWEET!

Add to it that I have attended one of Radio Steam and recorded something for them. I will be writing an episode for them (more details later). I just got final approval and some guidelines about what I should write. How exciting! I have some research to do on some exotic locations and interesting 19th century fellows.

This past Saturday, I took part in one of their recording session. It was great fun and really interesting to see the people whose voices I knew through the podcast. I think I did well and I will be asked to help again. Who knows? My lines were very limited, but that's okay. Maybe in the future I'll have more. I laughed at LOT during the outtakes... a bloopers episode would be very funny!

So... finally I have been doing some work for Pathfinder Society helping to do the Chronicles for the Pathfinder Modules. (Yes, *most* of those you've seen have been done by yours truly, and many that aren't out yet also...). All that until I get a writing commission from them... Yup I'm waiting...

That's the JP report everyone! What I've been doing with my time...


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