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Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Mini-Review] I survived the Tomb of the Iron Medusa

Today, I got to play The Tomb of the Iron Medusa module from Paizo Publishing. Okay I haven't read the adventure yet, but here my initial thoughts (from a player's perspective).

I got to play Naadhira, my oracle of bones. A good choice as she provided a decent healing option behind the cleric of Abadar (Homer) and the Paladin of Pharasma (Corwin). Healing: covered. The rest of our party were Ryan's fighter, Jeff-P's alchemist and Judd's machine gun. I mean zen archer. As usual: limited arcane. Everyone's character did what their class was expected to do. No lame duck, odd or useless build. Good times!

Now without spoiling anything...

This adventure is for 14th level characters. Yes. 14th level. The monsters here are level-appropriate, and bring in the pain. Be ready to dish and take damage. A lot of it! One of the monster nearly inflict 180 points of damage in a single attack on me. Nice. I like merely because of who I was. (I thought I was dead, then we realized that I had something and I LIVED! MUHAHAHA!) Be ready for big fights, big creatures, and a whole lot of damage...

Really, I liked this one. Perhaps more than I expected. The fact that there is a story that teaches interesting facts about Golarion makes it even more valuable in my opinion.

Some have complained about Cult of the Ebon Destroyers that it has only limited story. I think that's just whining. True "Cult" does not give any major reveals about the world, which is what "Tomb" is all about. The plot is succinct, logical and can be followed without much difficulty.

I want to comment Scott Crosson, who went off script since we tried a few odd things and really made the adventure such a delight to play. Plus he tried to screw us, and succeeded to a large extent. Nice.

Okay I'm going to sleep now. More on the adventure later.


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