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Friday, July 1, 2011

New York Fishing for Zombies

You may or not know that I have been recently playing in a Zombie Apocalypse GURPS game. Six months after the collapse of civilization, our little band found itself entrenched in the Reading, MA police station with 24 other survivors. Our little band included myself, a native acrobat turned thief. There is "Major Pain" a former special forces freshly returned from Afghanistan. Katy, a reporter and weekend pilot. And Dr Ruth Mallard, forensic officer from Boston PD.

We decided to send a group of scout south to find a better location, including some place we could settle and rebuild civilization. Our adventures included us traveling to the local airport then dodge the zombie horde as we gathered supplies, or flying and talking to people on the radio as we traveled.

Fun times, but tonight, a new idea came to the front.


New York Fishing is when you are stranded on top of a building (in this case a hangar) and throw heavy items tied to a rope for the express purpose of killing the zombies. That way you can slowly lower the number of zombies that besiege you, with only very limited use of resources. I mean what are you going to do all these days while they surround you.

Sure, it's not fast, but it really helps your cardio and muscle training. But most important is that it's just plain fun! We had a lot of fun fishing!


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