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Thursday, July 7, 2011

[Rant] Louis Porter stalks me!

So today I went to YouTube to change my playlist and add some new bands I discovered.

GAH! I can't lie... I wanted to hear "Planet of the Apes: The Musical" and I could not get out the "I hate every ape I see. From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z" lyrics out of my head. So I type Y-O-U-T-U-B-E-DOT-C-O-M. And guess who appears? Stalking me once more? That's right.

Louis Porter Junior.

There is no escape. The man stalks me when I'm eating. He stalks me when I watch Star Trek. He stalks me when I try to play D&D Online. His name keeps popping up when I use In short, he's always there. I tried to avoid him by... going to YouTube or even playing Playstation 2. Now I'll have to play more PS2.

Hey wait! *HE* owes me money! Hummm I guess I should start hiding in the bushes outside his YouTube and check out what he is doing...

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