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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Good Practice: Unused Monsters

I keep a file of “Unused Monsters”. This file is composed of monsters of all levels (as of right now 1 through 19) that have not been leveled up or down. There are a few that were templated then dropped from an adventure, but mostly right-out-of-the-book monsters appear therein.

By keep this file of already-made monsters, I hope to one day have a large file and make it available as a resource to my authors. Until then I’ll just keep the monsters handy and turn them over one at a time.

I have been doing that since the days of LG when many of the monsters would keep returning between interactives or adventures... My dreaded kobolds-of-doom were the first ones to be added to those files.

In LFR, monsters common to the Moonshae Isles like wererats can be found within. But there are also a few things I thought of using in the past but never got to, or adventure drifted towards other directions later.

MyRealms adventures are very easy to build (and build up) with such a file. Simply copy-paste the stat block in the adventure file and VOILA! You have a quick encounter.


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