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Thursday, August 20, 2009


This article is a response to Andrew Nuxoll's post on facebook that simply read. "I miss LG." I have nothing against Andrew, quite the opposite. His comment got me thinking about how much I liked that campaign. Ever since its demise at the end of 2008, I have been looking for other campaigns I liked as much and though I really enjoy campaigns like Living Arcanis and I am about to embark on the Pathfinder Society adventure, neither of those campaigns fill the void of LG...

So I started thinking about what I liked so much about it and came up with the following ideas.

  • A local presence, someone you can contact who you might meet. Sending an email to someone halfway around the world or at a central location who doesn't reply half the time is NOT a good idea to stimulate interest.
  • Have a storyline where your character can be involved from the start. While players will have diverging ideas about storylines, some will like, some will hate. One thing about storyline is that a player must be allowed to play his character for a number of adventures in a similar location.
  • Do not level too fast. This may surprise people, but I think levelling up too fast is a bad idea for long-term continued play.
  • Do not level too slowly. In reverse, if your character is stuck at the same place, the game grows stable and boring.
  • Always feel you have an impact at least at the premiere of an event or during unique (or interactives). When an adventure has been in play for a year or two, playing it then may not provide that. This translates to unique events like the Gencon Specials.
  • Each Character has a unique path, this means that if I have two characters evolving in the same world, both should have different experiences, one should be able to say "I did the DragonSlayer Saga" and the other "I am involved in the Dark Mines Storyline". This allows for characters to evolve and become different.

    I think LG succeeded in those areas better than other campaigns.



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