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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting a module in the Moonshaes

One thing I like to do in LFR is to have the introduction to the adventure put the PCs in a location, give them a reason for them to be there and someone or something to interact with. That person may or may not be directly linked to the adventure, but should be there to stimulate conversation and get the role-playing going.

A number of players have asked me about some of those bards since the MOON1-1. The presence of a bard or entertainer in an inn had more impact than we (Mike, Lenny & I) initially expected when we decided to have that “character” in the adventure.

The first encounter is when the PCs are drawn into the adventure itself. Yes, it does extend the adventure a little but it allows us to be able to expand upon the NPCs, what he knows and what he offers, AND we get to keep it all on one page (usually).

My goal is to provide the DM with the most amount of information in as few words as possible. With DME (DM Empowerment), I trust that each DM can fill in the blanks where needed. The bigger holes, I try to patch for him.


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