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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Writing a MYREALMS Adventures

Since I've known about the My Realms adventures for Living Forgotten Realms, I've felt some excitement. Unlike the DM's Mark for Eberron's Mark of Heroes, those actually matter in the main campaign. Joy of joy! (well as much joy as I can feel for 4e). I will be logging my progress through this blog.

Some time in March, I was asked to provided rumors and plot hooks linked to the Moonshaes. So I obliged, again coming up with plot ideas I did not think I would ever get to detail, but that I would like the players to explore in the Moonshae Isles.

So the other day I went ahead and began to put to .txt file some of the idea that I had... And within seconds I had a story, and something to create a body around it. While I still believe the 3.5 is leagues ahead of 4e in terms of versatility in creating and thinking of adventure possibilities, 4e is pretty easy to create combats. Now granted, a dm is like 100% dependant on WotC's product for monsters whereas 3.5 the DM has a LOT more freedom in creating and tweaking them. But that is a debate for another time...

I began to think about the things I would do if I were in charge and prepared my MyRealms accordingly. Since I'm the only person who can run it:

  • I will not run it for replayers, those can get off their asses and write something for me. I do not like that rule so I don't have to support it for my little baby. If forced to, I may suddenly catch a cold or disappear.
  • I will only write for high tier. This is two fold 1- save ME time and 2- if you are sissy enough to play low-level, they write your own that I can sail through your adventure.
  • I will not write pussy or fights that make no sense
  • Everything will be set in the Moonshae Isles (ie: those story I could never write within standard LFR).

So I now have a skeleton, fights that make sense. My only problem: I have too much material for just a single round... So I'll have to expand into a second adventure...


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