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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

[Kinda Book Review] Murena Ch 4: Ceux Qui Vont Mourir

Earlier this year, I posted about the first 3 chapters of this saga. This tome is the final entry of the first cycle.

The story culminates with Nero struggling for power with his mother, Agrippina. The longer Nero is in power, the more used to wielding it he becomes. Throughout the story, the two struggle for control. Eventually, seeing she is losing, she even tries to seduce Nero (!) but he spurns her.

Eventually, he has no choice but to rid himself of her. But Agrippina is a master politician and plots his downfall by selecting Poppea Sabina, a women whose heart is as hers. Thus she knows she will die, but strikes at him from beyond the grave. I really loved this entire segment when she realizes she is lost.

Then the accident Nero plotted to rid himself of her, her ship mutinied and sunk, failed when she jumped and swam to shore. Nero had to order her assassination. Brutal. Again the scene of her death brings us Mercury ordering Nero to stand and watch the sun. Nero falls in love with the flames.

The side story of Murena and the vengeance for the death of his mother (which Agrippina ordered) gets resolved here.

There is also a very well-illustrated battle between gladiators, Agrippina's and Nero's. That scene is, once again, awesome.

So many powerful and good scenes. Characters using every advantage they may have to come out on top. Good plot. Good characters. This is what I love of this series.

So in case you didn't guess, this is a solid 5/5.

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