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Friday, October 22, 2021

FOE writing update Oct 2021

It's been a while since I posted a writing update. So here goes. These are the bigger products FOE is actively working on.

- Olympia Adventures With the success of Olympia, I plan on releasing some of the adventures I used as I playtested the campaign world, and the two original Gencon adventures, part of King Kreon's Woe series. Expect those starting in November.

- Ozaka Campaign Add-on This is an idea that germinated as I was putting the finishing touches on Olympia about a place inspired by ancient Japan that could be dropped into any campaign setting. Not a full setting by itself, but something to throw a curveball to your players.

- Princes a race book for 5e that complements Princesses with Ibsen-Z we have been arguing over "what does THIS prince do?" for a while now. Fun stuff.

- Service is Eternal (Redux) When I first published Service is eternal for Pathfinder, I was still very new at this and when I returned from Gencon, I looked over the book and... well I did not like it. FOE products have really improved since then. Not only in the quality of text and format, but especially in the quality of art. That book is an expansion of the First Ones so they are less tied to the world of Saggakar and more of the universal threat they have been in (almost) everything FOE published.

- Witches of Pikemaster A campaign for levels ~3-10 I have been inflicting on my group for a few month now. Witches + Inquisition type of story, with influence from Hammer movies, Salem witch trials, and classic D&D. This is going to be a big campaign (over 120 pages). Prepare to meet some very classic characters, travel the planes, and decide the ultimate fate of Pikemaster...

- Gencon Specials and adventures Yes, we are already working on Gencon material for next year!

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