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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Early Firearms released on DM's Guild

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a gun enthusiast. I am a history fan and a D&D fan (if you don't know, how are you here???). So when I began thinking of ways to add early firearm. I'm talking 16-17th century firearms, the era of high chivalry into the musketeers.

Ahhhh musketeers, definitely on my list of favorite books ever.

So I got to thinking to myself: how can I make guns useful in the game without becoming an exercise in gun crafting and handling. I put my ideas on "paper" and refined them. This product is the result of all those thoughts, iterated a few times.

And a few others.

In the end, the book provides a concise series of weapons PCs are likely to use. So muskets, pistols, blunderbuss, and small artillery like swivel guns. Things a party are like to use themselves.

If I could publish this under GOSTOR, this fits right in with the others. However, since the DM's Guild does not allow me to use that imprint...

So you won't find naval guns or battery cannons here. They may be the object of future products.

Get it today and add some boom to your game on the DM's Guild!

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