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Thursday, March 18, 2021

FOE Gencon 2021: First Musings

I'm sure you all heard by now but Gencon 2021 will be a dual-threat: both in-person AND online. As we are waiting for extra details, I am forced to start putting my publisher cap on and think "What do I want to offer this year?" "What will be FOE's presence?" What setting? New or last year's adventures? Special?

Most important: FOE will be present in-person.

I'm not 100% sure if we will have an online component. If some GMs are willing to run online FOE games, I will make that happen.

So... what setting? Akhamet is a given as it is very popular. And volunteer GMs want to run it. I will gladly accomodate them! I did have a completed adventure for last year.

Which leaves me with the other three: Olympia, Rhym, and Saggakar.

I need an intro mod for Olympia. I don't know If "Princess Phoedra" or "Tomb of Antikles" are good enough. They are stable, fun (to play and run), and are ready to go but may require additional work on my end. Writer's worry?

Rhym is an interesting case. I have an adventure written and ready to go for it, one that plays into the story of the planned special for last year. So I got that one in my pocket.

Tyrants of Saggakar is a funny setting. While I really enjoy it, it is a much harder sell to passersby than any of the above. I did spend a lot of time last year working to update the setting, but I don't think it is ready for a big reveal just yet. Still, this one is my sweet little one and a threat that many people rightfully feel with dread.

As a special bonus, I just learned that another adventure of mine, may be at Gencon. I am waiting for confirmation, but a non-D&D game may be on the program! I am excited and will post more about it if/when I get any more details.

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