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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Rahadin reaches silver!

Few NPCs flat out inspire dread than Rahadin, Strahd's half-brother/ butler/ handyman. When I first read Curse of Strahd, I immediately fell in love with him as a villain. Without scruples, without regrets, he is simply a highly-functional psychopath who should be in an asylum. Locked away for good.

But this is Ravenloft where horror is ever-present. Where even the small things have a dark past.

When I began plotting how I wanted to run the campaign, I envisionned Strahd as someone with a past, with relatable emotions, goals, qualities, and flaws. Strahd is the main villain of the play but one you can understand. Though he suffers from his own insanities, he is that villain you can work with. You can guess some and rationalize his next moves.

Not Rahadin.

This idea for the Dread Knight came to me as I pondered why the Dark Powers would allow him to die, but force Strahd to stay behind. No. They would not.

A crazy idea came to me for a CoS sequel... one where Strahd was back but he no longer was in charge. Where the dark force that held Barovia together was the mad dusk elf.

I stopped myself. I many ideas in mind for this "Ravenloft II" but at the time, I was working on House on Griffon Hill... Rahadin Dread Knight of Ravenloft had to be stopped at this small product. Needless to say, The British Shark's art and James' RPG Art on the cover sell it.

Therefore it is with great pride that I can announce that Rahadin Dread Knight of Ravenloft made the Silver Best Seller list from the DM's Guild! Thank you so very much. More content is coming. Soon. I swear. Really.

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