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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

[Kinda Book Report] The Man with Two Names

For Christmas in 2019, I received this book, The Man with Two Names by Vincent B Davis II. Historical fiction set in ancient Rome: I'm in.

The story takes Sertorius as the main character. If you don't know Sertorius, he is best known for being a Roman General who rose against Rome and took control of Hispania. He struck a deal with Mithridates the Sixth of Pontus into what could have been the death knell of Rome. It precipitated the fall of the Republic for sure.

The story starts as Sertorius grows up in the wilds of Italy, then becomes the head of the family, despite being the younger brother. Then he heads to Rome to get help for his people and gets involved in the politics of the city. Crooked, twisted, complex, and corrupt are all great ways to describe what happens. After that, Sertorius joins the army and head to Gaul to stop the Cimbri.

The high points of the story are how naturally, his characters mingle with the greats: we meet a young Julius Caesar and Gaius Marius. The dialogues feel natural and interesting.

Some of the real high points are the military briefings. I could not help thinking VBD attended many of them. He is indeed a military man, and it shows. Still, we don't get stuck in the weeds. A good flow, an interesting story, compelling characters.

Now since receiving that book, I learned that he is making a series, which drops it in my eyes.

So for a rating... I have to give it a 4/5. I will ask for the next installment.

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