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Friday, April 10, 2020

[After Action Report] CyberConv 2020: JP vs the Carebear

With the current wave of isolation, things suck.

However, I happen to know many great people. Not just my family, but as a gamer... Many of you know that I am on the French-speaking Youtube channel JDRD30 for the RPGS: Les Larmes Des Dragons DM'd by my good buddy Francois-L (who lives a stone throw from where I was born!).

One of the announcements made was of the CyberConv, a French-speaking online mini-convention that ran day and night, helped by the fact that the attendees were in both France and Québec.

And me, in Tennessee.

I had not planned to play anything ahead of time but I seeing how I had nothing to do, I decided to risk getting on. I hoped around a little bit: there were many rooms and tables going on.

I got to play two games: one was for a simplified Legend of the Five Rings game that was interesting. The simplification was to determine if you were good (roll 8k4) or not (roll 3k2). I played an Isawa magistrate (Phoenix clan) who overly interested in pleasing people. I never played a Phoenix before and had a good time.

Then later in the weekend, I played in a special adventure were we took on the roles of Space-Time agent (similar to the source material of alerian). I took my friend Sebastien's seat (who is also part of the RPGS gang).

I played an adrenaline junkie who lost his legs - he now has cyber-legs - while filming extreme videos. We were sent to an empty world where some mobsters had set up base. The party included an elf archer, a murderous bounty hunter, and a CAREBEAR.

You read that right... a tenderheart bear.

With a sniper rifle!


I wondered seriously where this was going. At the height of the game, we were rolling into the villains' base with me driving one super-hover-dimensional-hopping-bike and held the other with my bionic legs, using the bike as a battering ram and making crazy stunts. The others were mowing down the mob. It turned out to be a blast! I laughed so hard.

After that, I was done and moved on to other things. It was fun and different. The French accent remains as melodic and pleasant as ever to my French Canadian ear.

I definitely plan to attend the next one. I will look for more games from those GMs who ran for me this time around.

Un gros merci.

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