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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Supercon 2018 AAR

This past weekend, I drove up to Louisville, KY once again to offer games at Supercon. From what I understand, Supercon is the successor/buyer of what used to be Derby City Comic Con.

When Jonathan-M contacted me about running events there, I said yes as I love going back to Louisville, where I own a small piece of the American Dream... and own more of it every payday.

Not having planned for it much in advance, I only offered to GM on the Saturday, with a there-and-back on the same day.

The morning of December 1st was a wet one in Nashville, with heavy rain. I grumbled, but go in the car, hoping the weather would improve. And for most of the drive, it did. Heavy clouds loomed above (I kept thinking of the song Jacob's Ladder by Rush).

Only when I exited I-65 did the skies open and torrential rain poured down onto the poor cosplayers and this fat man with a bunch of books to sell and games to run.

I mean it was a 30 second super-shower event, with the kind of rainfall shampoo commercial set in the jungle somewhere. Of course, this was December, this was Kentucky, I am not a super hot woman (at least not outwardly), and I had no intention to wash. The two block walk to the convention center was cold and miserable.

The place was popping. The volunteer center was easy to find and within moments, I was pointed to a table where I had eager players waiting for me.

I started to set up only to realize that I took the wrong miniatures box. This would not be as problematic as you'd think except I had the character sheets and adventures in the box.

So I ran out to the parking, through the rain and back. Finally, I set up everything, had a good table, and I was really to roll.

I asked the guys how interested/ knowledgeable they were about Greek Mythology and they all replied they were really into it, so I ran "A question of Judgment", an adventure which has a lot of mythological references.

A fun adventure with twists and interesting combats, but most of all, a table that really enjoyed the many Easter eggs in there.

The adventure over, I had 90 minutes before my next adventure... a rare luxury at a con. As an added bonus, the rain had stopped by then, so I was able to walk around without getting drenched.

I spent at least 30 of them trying to find a place to eat. Let's be honest here, on weekends, downtown Louisville is a ghost town. There are very few places open to eat. The Smashburger was out of food - no doubt from the mass of convention attendees. I ended up at Friday's, a chain I'm never really enthused by. It was okay, but a small plate at a big price and a wait that seemed longer than it should'v been.

I made a short stop at Dunkin' Donuts where the lady gave me like 50 munchkins (you will recognize my Canadian-ness when I kept calling them "Timbits") for the price of 10. SCORE.

My second table was made up of a large group of guys with varying degree of experience and interest in Greek Mythology. So I play-tested "Crown of Zeus", an upcoming adventure using Greek Mythology.

The adventure has a few problem that I will address and fix before the final release. It will be interesting. Less mythological-based than the previous, but still in the tradition of the Greek tragedies of old.

That done, I hoped back in the car, this time without any rain and drove back down to Nashville. Those final 30 miles beyond Nashville were very tough. The coffee I had was wearing off.

And sleep was good.

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