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Saturday, December 29, 2018

FOE to Launch Patreon Page in 2019

One of the many things I have been working on to grow FOE is a Patreon page. I plan to produce some content for it: I will have bunch of short "One-page dungeon" adventures, maps I drew, new races, monsters, NPCS, and anything else you propose. Some of it will be 5e-focused, but I expect to post a lot of it in a system agnostic way. I do have a few ideas for other random things. Things I'm not sure this blog is the right place to fit it. Whether you are interested only in 5th Edition game material or not, you will still find great material for your game from that Patreon.

I am building it up now and will make an announcement about when it will be ready. My goal for it would be to provide small products, such as races, encounters, short adventure ideas, and art.

Now, before you ask, YES, all content posted on the Patreon will be available for the Legacies Organized Play Campaign. So by joining, you will get additional game-friendly material.

No, this blog is not going away. It will remain as what it is: a place where I post thoughts about gaming, pictures of miniatures... There is no plans to change it.

One question people asked me was whether FOE would use a Kickstarter. I do have a few products that COULD be kickstarted. I reached out to someone I think is one of the greatest minds in gaming marketing: my good friend LPJ and he was very forthcoming with his insight into how to use crowdfunding. I spent time thinking about it before finally deciding to pull the trigger on this.

Update: The Patreon is now live! You can see it First Ones Entertainment Patreon