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Monday, December 24, 2018

Dreams of Dust Final Playtest report

This past Saturday, I got to finally run the upcoming "Dreams of Dust" adventure. This is my first foray into the Ravenloft setting. I did run a few campaigns in there way back when, but I never liked the way the Mists behaved or how the "setting" worked together. I do like how you could get people from a variety of worlds get together...

This is one of the things that actually happened, and that made the game special for me. My playtesters did a similar things and I thought that was really cool.

Speaking of playtester, David, Joe, Jon, and their crew gave me some invaluable information on how to improve the adventure and the biggest problem they reported - not knowing what they should do - was addressed. Unlike other adventures, there is no "this is what you must do"-type of introduction.

The adventure is more than simply going and beating up monsters - though there is some of that. The environment itself is hostile in ways that make the adventure much more difficult for the PCs.

The party was, based on their home worlds:
Akhamet Sadjam the Storyteller (numru bard) and Terata (anubian rogue)
Forgotten Realms Iva (tiefling warlock)
Rhym Sad Willow (darkling (undead) rogue)
Tyrants of Saggakar Zombie-Slinger (anuka fighter) and Sister Atusa (human cleric)

This adventure can easily run for a full 15-hour run. There is so much to do in there. No only set encounters, but random ones too that serve as resource drains and to keep players guessing about what and where is safe.

The structure of the adventure does allow for additional players to be added later, and stick them into this messy situation.

I have a few more things to touch upon with the text, but the adventure works, it is solid, clear, and with a challenge level that is not overwhelming, but that should challenge most parties.

Thanks to Will for taking pictures of the game.

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