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Friday, June 22, 2018

Origins 2018 AAR, Part 3: Saturday and Sunday

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Again, I wrote among the locomotives from 5am on. Made good progress on the story.

For the morning, I wanted to do something different, so I went to play Shadowrun, one of the Last Vegas adventure. It was a fun. We got into some complicated stuff without problems and used the typical solutions to fix them. This one used much fewer bullets than usual...

I showed up at Arcanis muster and prayed for a seat. I was told to find a table of 6 and see if they'd have me. Well... right as I entered the room, Paul-G's table (with Nicole-G and the G kids, Philip-T and his friend, reuniting the dream team from the night before, and adding Maria-R) was right there. I had a sign that read "Larissan Nun, single and available" (For those not in the Arcanis know, Larissan have a well-deserved reputation as being easy and "open to all"). Paul invited me and I gratefully and happily agreed to join the team. Adding another healer/ support helped.

The action for the battle interactive (BI) takes place just after the ending of the "unpleasant one" from yesterday afternoon. Paul sent us a lot of nastiness in the early round and we beat them up through effective teamwork. Everyone had a role and did their thing.

Perhaps the most memorable moment in the game, and one I hope the player will grow, was when we were fleeing this nightmare land, leading slaves away to "freedom". So we captured horses from our pursuers. I think I was the one who first mentioned "hey we can feed our army with the horses." Well Maria's character who is from a region where horses are sacred refused to give her new-found mount, which was fully in character. We told her "you decide, but if we decide, people are eating well." I must admit, I both wanted and expected her to say "I'm keeping the horse." But she did not decide, giving us the power of decision. Again, I really hope she will grow her character with that decision. Those points are what makes or breaks a character... I really hope she rides off with it and that it changes her character for the future. Knowing the other players, if she chose to keep the horse, we would have gone with it and altered how we played. It was intense and a great moment of roleplay.

I had two moments during the BI.

First, when we finally reached the border and the legionnaires were all on the wall and the centurion called "Who is in charge?" I stood up and in my best valley girl, I explained what was going on-ish. I thought it was awesome and I know my character will think herself that she was like, totally in charge!

Second, at the end game, we are fighting a slaver warlord who wants revenge for the death of his son (from the game I played on Thursday night). At that point, I am down most of my resources (Fate points, abilities, one-shot goodies), cannot cast spells for a while, so I begin to look through the book for something I can pull off. Spent a Fate point.

So, Kermina stood on the drawbridge in just her cloak and shout at the general. "This, this is what you could'a had!" And I threw off my cloak. At the time, I was wearing a cloak-like hood and I threw it off. Then I made my seduction roll, blasted the DC, but I wanted this to be epic, so I threw my last full Fate point into the roll.

The General fell in love with me right then and there! When he died a short time later, after he tried to hit me and my defensive magic took him down, I know he has a single tear running down his cheek. Paul may deny it, but I saw that tear running down as he mouthed "I'm sorry".



The event ended on a really positive note for me. Thanks Paul!

Following the game, I talked some more with Tom-C about the engagement and how we wanted to do a few things. As we talked, some adventure ideas came up and we told Cody-B, one of the campaign leaders. Who knows what can/will happen? That's all for another day.

I was lucky enough to sit and talk with Henry Lopez about the campaign. It was more a case of me listening to him talk about it and players asking him questions and clarifying him elements of the game lore. Great fun.

I talked with my bed-roomie, Jeff, about Arcanis and other campaigns before we turned each to our side and snored away.


6am came early enough and I packed my stuff and rolled out. Unexpectedly, my game without a single ticket sold did not go off. I stayed for an hour, hoping to hit the dealer hall, but as I barely slept 4h in short chunks during the past 5 nights, I decided not to wait until 10 to leave. Origins was over and it was time to go home.

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