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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Akhamet: Cover and proofing

It is always an exciting times when a book comes together after months of work. This is what Akhamet has been. It is the first setting I (JP) has truly built from the ground up. Saggakar was the child of many influences from long past to more modern. But Akhamet was the result of the many online classes I took over the last two years, furthering my knowledge of the ancient world.

I must send a big shout-out to the guys who helped me by adding material, either by writing entries or by providing me with ideas. These guys are Ed Kabara from Throat Punch Games, Randy Price from Two Kings Games, finally Wesley Oar (my beloved Noldar... *giggles*) jumped in to provide additional ideas when I got into a funk and got stuck.

This is really a project I will cherish as much for the work put into it as the many things I had learned that I did not put into it, whether because they did not add anything to the setting or did not make it more unique.

I am now waiting for delivery of my proof copies.

What's also new? Akhamet will be available in TWO format: one in color (AKA "Deluxe Edition") and one in black and white (aka "regular edition"). I will post pictures as soon as they get here...

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