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Friday, June 22, 2018

Gostor: Titanborn release for 5e

Part of my series of books on ancient Greece, which includes (up to now) the following Gostor titles: Amazons, Olympians, Amazons, the magic item collection Gifts of the Gods, and the adventure A Question of Judgment.

The idea for this book came as I was working on Olympians wherein I thought about some enemies for the Olympians. The myths recorded in the Titanomachy, the war against the titans, they were defeated in the distant past by the gods. Many were imprisonned, locked away, or exiled in creative ways.

The titans themselves, unlike the gods of Olympus have a wide variety of appearances from human to monstrous. They are creatures close to the primordial Chaos and their appearance reflect that. So when I put down ideas, I did not want to have them be just Olympians with different spell abilities.

Instead, I decided to classify the titanborn into four basic categories: Cthonian (earth/underworld) which grow large, Oceanid (sea/water) which as creatures of the sea, Selenite (sky/stars), and a more "generic" one which I called simply called Primordial. Primordial weren't one of the original ones. As I created different types, I decided these should be made into feats. The Primordials get to select one Titanborn-specific feat at creation. This elegant solution allowed me to create on sub-race and give a variety of powers.

The result is a fun race that when you tell others that you play a titanborn, you have to explain and provide additional information.

Like all our Gostor products, this one is fully legal in the Legacies Organized Play Campaign.

So, check out this new addition to FOE's Mythic Greece series: Gostor: Titanborn.

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