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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Give me more of these five TV shows!

These are the five TV shows I hope to see more of in the future, and why.

5- The Walking Dead/ Fear The Walking Dead

The original TWD series feels tired. What was so awesome at the start: that anyone could get it at any time is now replaced with the much more stable "If you're one of Rick's old group, you are safe". I did post about How I would Fix it back in November and that still holds.

Though it suffers from the same "core group is safe" syndrome, Fear the Walking Dead has moved up in my opinion. I am looking forward to it more than to see how Rick will cry for another hour. Still it feels more dynamic right now than the other show. I wonder how it will go from here.

4- Doctor Who

Another show I posted about How I would fix it, after such a dismal showing for the Christmas special, the only new material we had this year. In contrast, I far more enjoyed the animated version of the Second Doctor's serial "Power of the Daleks", which was exciting unique and presented a view of the early show that was quite refreshing.

What am I so excited for in 2017? The end of the Moffat era. I expect a number of episodes that will try to outdo themselves, but will likely fall as flat as Superman and the Doctor... I expect an overload of monsters done and redone to death... The Weeping Angels again people? GAH...

I'm already impatiently waiting for the end of that era and the start of a new one, hopefully where the Doctor can have wings again, like during the time of Russel T Davies.

I can't wait for this new era to kick off.

3- Game Of Thrones

I love GoT because unlike TWD, no one is safe. Ever. And it makes for compelling "OMG" TV. Plus this coming season it seems things are coming to a head with Danarys and her dragon coming to Westeros, and Jon Snow uniting the North (ish). I wonder what will happen next. One of the best things about it is that every episode presents a series of the subplots, advancing the overall story. Unlike TWD where we only see one subplot at a time.

I hope we won't be teased for a full season as people move around and nothing really happens until the finale. It's a big hope.

2- Vikings

I have been a huge fan of the series since day one. And although not a strict historical storyline (the characters are a mishmash of many real-life Vikings), the show managed to present a series of scenes, particularly the battles that are extremely interesting and entertaining. I will not learn my history from there, but it makes for a very compelling soap opera for guys... Other than wrestling.

I do like that they at least make an effort to short that people speak different languages and that not everyone speaks English, like in Star Trek...

Visually stunning, this is one of my favorite shows on TV.


1- Westworld

The wait for this one, 2018, is the longest of them all. I saw the original 1974 movie, and its 1976 sequel as a boy, and they both rattled me. The implications of creating human-like robots has always fascinated me and led me down the path of philosophical debates. Yes, I wondered about such things as a kid.

I came to this show with hesitation, as I re-watched the first film on TV as short time ago, and again while on vacation in Florida. Yul Brenner is simply terrifying in his relentless pursuit.

This show really hit all the right buttons. In its 10 episodes, we are given a constant series of reveals that makes you squint or scratch your head in wonder. The whole thing is very well done and acted superbly.

Anthony Hopkins.

Yes. It's that good.

The season finale leaves you wondering what may be coming next. There are still questions outstanding and loose ends galore. A lot of them.

It will be a long wait.

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