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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Writing, art, adventure, miniatures all in one massive update

With Rhym being almost complete (I'm waiting on national maps), it is now time to look ahead at my next list of projects.

Next up is Lexicon in Lexington KY. I have one adventure for Saggakar I need to finish for that.

Then Nashcon where I have to finish a number of pieces of terrain, a veritable army of conquistadores. With all the minis done and completed, I will work on the actual scenarios using my own set of rules, Mecha Battles. The conquistadores will be a single battle royal scenario while Gundam will be a few short "episodes" meant to be played in rapid succession, I plan to have a big end game.

I have been working with some new artists, like Eva who did this portrait of Corfell Treeshadow, the high priest of Keron in the ArchDespotate. Corfell is a half-elf which is described as an effeminate man with his left eye completely black, Alice Cooper-style... I think she got it right. I am expecting more art from her in the coming days.

What next products can you expect to see from FOE?

Rhym Campaign Setting I plan to have this one done in time for Origins! With the 5e version done, next will be a Pathfinder version!

Gostor: Amazon features a new race for Pathfinder and 5e. As I have been playing with it over and over, I keep adding a few things here and there. This will be something to add to your campaign. Something to add without completely changing your setting.

Gostor: Seishin Another race to plug into your campaign. I have been putting ideas and notes together for this one. Seishin are spirit-people that form strong bonds with a particular place. This one will be similar to the Amazon book.

I am working on a pair of projects: one is a superhero adventure set in Nashville that really is irreverent. I've no name for it yet, but I've been playing around with the idea for these character. This could become a series of one-shots, maybe sell them or not. I will definitely have fun with it. I sent an art request for it.

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