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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

[Review] Gundam OO Season 1

In the future, mankind created three enormous pillars allowing us to harness solar power from orbit, effectively solving the energy crisis. This creates a world where three main powers (one in the Americas, one in Europe, and one in Asia) control the world and engage in proxy war around the globe. Independent nations are relegated to being effective second-class citizens.

In that mess, a new group arrives, called Celestial Being. This organization has four Gundams that are just ridiculously more powerful that what the government of the world have to offer. CB and its Gundam announce to the world that they will strike wherever there is war and conflict. So these four Gundams begin shooting and imposing peace by destroying the means of war.

A mouthful. This series is that, a HUGE mouthful of stuff crammed into one.

Each pilot has a Gundam that matches his personality: one is fiery and in-your-face with a close-combat Gundam, one is a sniper, etc.

There is so much happening that I think this series may have been more interesting if we'd seen the story from one side at a time, which would allow us to understand the difference between the regimes, get to care about the different character and how the Gundam's actions affects them. Instead it's just a mess of too many characters needing more screen time that any revelation about a character makes you go "where did that come from?"

Story: The story is convoluted and difficult to see the exact point. Through most of it, I got the clear impression that Celestial Being was the villain. I really wanted them to get their butts kicked because they were such jerks. There are so many sites and characters to follow, that it turns into a mess where the point of the series gets lost. I can't give more than a 2/5, mostly because you cannot help but wonder "who are these people again?", "how can 4 Gundams effectively take over the world?", "how do they travel so far so fast?"

Characters: There are so many characters that they blend into a big mess, just like ground pork and ground beef become indistinguishable when cooked in chili. You have the Gundam pilots, the star ship crew of CB, the American MS pilots, the American president, the European MS pilots, the Euro-leaders, the Asian MS pilots, the Asian leaders, civilians in Asia, journalists, but also the princess of an Arabic nation and her entourage. I think I got all of the groups. Each has 2-5 characters sharing the screen and different story lines. It's just too much. I'll give this a 2/5 because of the mess. A few characters were interesting: the Asian MS crew and crew of CB's Prometheus ship were those with the most potential, but they blend into and disappear in jumbled mess.

Animation: The animation is good and modern. 4/5

Overall: Let's see... the series starts off decent and descends into a complex series of thread that feel more at home in soap operas than a Gundam series. There are some good action scenes, but towards they end, they are difficult to follow because of the number of characters acting at the same time. "The battle has been raging for ten hours! Where are they?" After debating, I give this an "okay" rating. It starts in a high "3/5" ends as a "2/5", which mean I must give it a 2/5 since it does not warrant a 3/5. Don't feel bad if you miss it, enjoy it for the battles if you see it. Just don't try to understand what its message or morale is, I haven't found any.

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