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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Origins 2016: After Action Report Part 2

Continuing my AAR from Part 1.


This was the big day...

I first went to play Shadowrun in the morning. I am not naturally a fan of Shadowrun, but I've been enjoying playing the organized play with my character, Ralf Boogerman. He's a complete street bum who is not much of a direct combat monkey (which I rarely do anyway). This mission was one of the most interesting I ever saw in Shadowrun: do not kill the target or seriously incapacitate him, do not cause massive damage, but make this guy's life hell. I laughed so hard throughout most of the slot. I used only a single summon spell myself to get my part of the job done (and succeed I did).

I then spent some time shopping and unsurprisingly spending too much money for me. Got my Hordes v3 goodies but I also bought some ships for a project I've been thinking about for years. So I need to get things together... another this to add to my list of things to do.

The rest of the day, I spent beating up old friends from Colorado: Bill, Michelle, Ryan, Matt, Gregg, and Jim. It was good to play with them again, as most of them (except Michelle and Matt) beat up my own character, Kermina in the past. For ten or so hours, I beat them and battered them. They were troopers and tolerated my attempts (occasionally successful) at hurting them. This was the final element story of the Coming of the Destroyer story arc as we move on into the future.

I liked the plot, and I was quite happy to run this as I would've gotten my rear end SERIOUSLY beaten up.

After that, my Origins was coming to an end. No longer would I need to GM. I decided I would attempt to find a seat for more Shadowrun.

But then I went back to my room where I yakked and yakked with Ken and Heather until the wee hour of the night. It was great to talk to someone who had so much experience in organized play.


I threw myself out of bed early in the morning, showered and headed for breakfast. Packed up the car and off to the Union room hoping to find a game.

Turns out I got me a seat at a table ran by none other than my buddy Ed, from Throat Punch Games. A fun rump where we got involved in heavy fighting. Good 'run.

That concluded my time in Columbus for this year.

Next time: what did I learn at Origins?


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