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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gostor's Hordes released!

It is with great pride that I can finally announce the release of Gostor's latest product: HORDES!!! This product is one that has been a long time coming because it is so close to my heart.

Hordes contains two pieces of rules for the Pathfinder RPG: Minions represent low quality enemies the PCs should be able to plow through. The rules are heavily influenced by those found in Mutants and Mastermind (over the time wasting they were in 4e). These guys are dangerous and must be dealt with quickly by the PCs, but they have no staying power. The other group, mobs represent an undisciplined group of antagonistic opponents who are acting well... as a mob. Mobs are not tactical, they merely move to attack any enemies. Part swarm, part single enemy, they have a unique rule called "damage cap", which forces someone to have to "beat down the mob"...

Both of those rules have been in used in Legacies adventures for a long time now (mobs appeared for the first time back in 2012).

Minions are a newer addition, the original brainchild of my good friend, James McTeague. When he was writing his excellent 94-LC-03 Need of the Many, we were talking about one encounter and I was proposing some things, but he kept pushing back "That's not what I want to do" he kept saying. I won't lie and say that I was a little annoyed, but the conversation never stopped. It kept going as idea kept being re-hashed. Finally, I think I mentioned minions and that clicked. He went off and came up with a set of rules that made me go "WOW" the face of the encounter itself was changed and it made the adventure so much better.

Since then, minions have appeared in a number of adventures and personal games. They work REALLY well. You can't ignore them...

Try them out and let me know what you think about those rules!

You can find it on RPGNow!


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